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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: HooYu

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateEurope on the 6 through 9 of March 2018 in London. Pick up your tickets today and save your spot.

HooYu is a global identity verification platform that combines a digital footprint analysis, identity document verification, facial biometrics, and database checks to confirm the customer’s identity.


  • Verifies and welcomes the 30% of customers that aren’t being catered to with traditional KYC
  • Seamlessly fits into your customer on-boarding process
  • Enhances your customer due diligence checks

Why it’s great
HooYu’s approach is to blend identity technologies and multiple sources of identity information to form a multi-layered defense and help pass all of your customers during the on-boarding process.


David Pope, Head of Marketing
With just under 20 years of marketing experience, Pope is responsible for marketing and sales. A specialist in helping firms understand KYC regulation, David is an expert in identity fraud and theft.