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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: CREALOGIX


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Swiss innovator CREALOGIX presents its Digital Banking Hub, the pivotal point of digital transformation in banking. The basic idea is openness via targeted use of APIs toward third-party applications for seamless offerings.


  • An all-in-one, personalized, seamless, secure banking experience for the client
  • A digital banking delivery platform that lets banks upgrade their digital services quickly and flexibly

Why it’s great
The use of the established and comprehensive API-layer of the Digital Banking Hub by CREALOGIX helps banks quickly transform their digital business to stay future-ready.


CREALOGIX_CritchleyGeraldine Critchley, Head of Product Marketing

Following the convergence of the digital business with banking technology for years, Critchley has been shaping product strategy and international branding for CREALOGIX.


CREALOGIX_BreamAntony Bream, U.K. Managing Director

Bream is an internationally experienced U.K. managing and sales director specializing in the marketing, business development, and selling of digital financial services solutions, both in-house and SaaS.