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Finovate 2008 Thrive

image The second-to-last presenter today is Thrive from Loudwater Labs. CEO Avi Karnani will be conducting the demo.

New York City-based Thrive is the latest entry in the online personal finance market.

What’s New
Thrive is making its official debut today at Finovate. They use a red light/green light system so it’s easy to see what needs attention quickly.

Thrive calculates a financial health score from the user’s data. Then Thrive shows users specifically how they can improve their score. The recommendations show financial institution products that can be used to achieve cost savings (i.e., product placements such as Mint).

On average they are recommending $1500 worth of savings for users.

Thrive has a wizard to help you see how much house you can afford.

Thrive today is announcing a partnership with to allow users to track their credit score over time and improve it.