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FinDEVr Preview: The Beast Apps

FinDEVr Preview: The Beast Apps


FinDEVr Previews highlight the companies that will present their latest developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr 2015 San Francisco on 6/7 October.

FinDEVr is the premier event for fintech developers. To save your spot, visit our registration page today and take advantage of early-bird savings!

Using BeastSDK and AWS from The Beast Apps, you can build, test, and deploy complex—pre-trade, trade, or post-trade—financial applications in the cloud within minutes that can be immediately accessed by anybody anywhere in the world using any desktop, browser, phone, or tablet. Anybody, anywhere can collaborate on the app with others—fully audit-trailed—using any device.


Why it’s a must-see
Software teams spend 20% of their time building their ‘secret sauce’ and 80% in distributing that secret sauce. In the financial industry, a real-time, interactive, secure and permissioned distribution of apps is a major challenge. The Beast’s Application Distribution as a Service (ADaaS) reduces the distribution challenges significantly.

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