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FinDEVr Preview: Nexmo

FinDEVr2015LogoV2DateFinDEVr Previews highlight companies presenting new developer tools, platforms and integrations at the second annual FinDEVr, 6/7 October.

The number of payment methods is drastically increasing, from debit and credit cards to Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, and Bitcoin. But fraud is also increasing at alarming rates. In this session with Nexmo, learn how cloud communication tools are being used to significantly decrease fraud, protect user identity, and boost overall customer experience.


Why it’s a must-see

Verifying user identity and securely protecting transactions are two vital concerns for every financial developer. A recent study from LexisNexis Risk Solutions reports that while 14% of overall transactions are mobile, they make up 21% of fraud cases. Learn how cloud-communication APIs can help you increase security without compromising user experience.

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