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Fighting for Customers: Will Tech Giants or Big Banks Win the Data War?

For years, Chris Skinner, Chairman, Financial Services Club and publisher of the Finanser blog, sounded the alarm that financial institutions need to do more when it comes to winning “the data war.” This summer he wrote:

A big bank with legacy architecture can only tell customers what they’ve spent. Their back office systems are purely transactional ledgers of past payments. There is no intelligence, forecasting, predictive analytics or machine learning about customer behaviours, because the data is all fragmented across multiple, legacy, product-focused, silo-structured systems.

Skinner warned that this issue represented ” the big banks soft underbelly and a weakness that the young start-ups are clearly focused upon exploiting.”

In his keynote address at FinovateAsia later this month – If the Future is a Battle for Customer Data & Insight Will the Tech Giants Be the Victors? – Skinner will share his insights on how the market for customer data is creating opportunities for businesses across finance, technology, and fintech. To join us in Hong Kong, on October 29 and 30 for our upcoming conference, visit our registration page and save your spot.

How important is communication and engagement in winning the “hearts and minds” of customers whose data is key to both better services for consumers and bigger market share for businesses? And what does the rise of TechFin, “technology firms who happen to offer finance,” mean for both traditional banks and fintech innovators alike? We are looking forward to Chris Skinner’s insights on one of the most critical topics in our industry today – the role and power of data.

Chris Skinner is known as an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog, the, and as author of the bestselling book Digital Bank and its new sequel, ValueWeb.  He is Chair of the European networking forum, The Financial Services Club, and Nordic Finance Innovation, as well as being a Non-Executive Director of the Fintech consultancy firm 11:FS.

Skinner is on the advisory boards of many companies including iambank, Innovate Finance, Moven, and Meniga, and has been voted one of the most influential people in financial technology by the Wall Street Journal’s Financial News.