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ezbob Offers Smart Onboarding Solution

ezbob Offers Smart Onboarding Solution

Digital lending-as-a-service solution provider ezbob is making its smart onboarding module available to banks. The solution will enable banks to meet their KYC, AML, and sanctions challenges, as well as provide a better, more seamless experience for customers.

“When it comes to KYC, banks have made large investments, growing their compliance teams in order to deal with the new stringent regulatory requirements,” ezbob CEO Tomer Guriel said. “Clearing a customer now requires more back and forth with the client and at the end of the day it is the customer journey that suffers.”

The Smart Onboarding Engine enables banks to design, build, and manage onboarding journeys for current accounts, lending products, wealth services and other solutions – leveraging APIs to control the customer experience. The engine also offers smart, real-time monitoring analytics to help banks improve and optimize the onboarding process. And by using single sign on (SSO), customers can easily move from one product to another without having to provide credentials each time.

“With ezbob’s solution, once the customer clicks submit, that’s where our system instantly starts making API calls to databases, such as LexisNexis, in order to verify the customer,” Guriel said. “By cross-checking multiple data sources through out own KYC risk engine, we’re able to deliver a true ‘Pass/Fail’ along with whatever additional information may be required.”

ezbob has already won plaudits for its onboarding solution. Earlier this month, the company announced that its Smart Onboarding Engine helped it win Best Fintech Partnership honors at The Banker’s Tech Project Awards. The onboarding engine is part of ezbob’s Catalyst+ omni-channel, omni-product, modular LaaS solution, featured earlier this year.

Founded in 2011 and based in London, U.K., ezbob demonstrated its lending technology at FinovateEurope 2014. Among the first online, fully-automated lending platforms for small businesses, ezbob pivoted in 2017 to focus on providing lending-as-a-service (LaaS) solutions to banks. Since then, the company has forged partnerships with companies like American Express, NatWest, and Yorkshire Bank to help power SME lending products.

ezbob has raised more than $124 million (£103 million) from investors including Honeycomb Investment Trust, Leumi Partners, and Oaktree Capital Management.