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Enveil, Unbound Tech Bring Data Security Triad to the Enterprise

Cybersecurity specialist Enveil has partnered with Unbound Tech to bring nation-state level data security to business customers. Together, by securing data-at-rest, data-in-transit, as well as data-in-use, the two companies will offer enterprise clients what it calls “the Data Security Triad” for cybersecurity protection.

“Partnering with innovative leaders like Unbound Tech allows us to push beyond current technology limitations to provide integrated solutions that truly represent the market-rattling, leading edge in data security,” said Ellison Anne Williams, founder and CEO of Enveil. “We recognize the importance of working seamlessly alongside other leading technologies to ensure sensitive data and encryption keys are secure at all times.”

The new solution secures sensitive data at all points in its lifecycle. Enveil’s technology leverages homomorphic encryption to close the data-in-use “exposure gap” that is created when sensitive data is decrypted for use or processing. Williams referred to this gap as the “point of least resistance” for cyberattacks.

Unbound Tech manages cryptographic keys, credentials, and other data to ensure that they never exist anywhere in their complete form. The combination of homomorphic data security and MPC-based encryption key protection, explained Unbound Tech CEO Avner Mor, relieves companies of the burden of needing multiple strategies to deal with data in different states. The solution also helps businesses save money, Mor said, calling the lower administrative and resource overhead an “added bonus.”

Unbound Tech is a Tel Aviv, Israel-based firm founded in 2013. Funded by investors including Citi Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, and Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, the company won the Prime Minister’s Award for Israeli Innovation for its digital security technology in November.

Enveil demonstrated its data encryption platform at FinovateFall 2017. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., Enveil announced in December that its ZeroReveal Compute Fabric, introduced last summer, would be accessible in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. ZeroReveal Compute Fabric is a two-party platform that supports access to the company’s ZeroReveal solutions to protect data-in-use.

In September, Enveil won a spot on SINET’s 16 Innovators roster for 2018, the same month the company earned international Common Criteria security certification for its ZeroReveal solution. Enveil announced a technology integration with digital security firm Gemalto in August,

Learn more about the company and its founder in our profile from October 2017.