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Dynamics Launches “Everything Else is Just Plastic” TV Ad

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Double the value and 12 new rewards?

That’s the news out of Dynamics, which has made significant upgrades and enhancements to its ePlate intelligent payment card. 

The company has launched its first television ad, in partnership with Visa, touting the changes, which include a “no annual fee” version of the ePlate Visa card, and rewards ranging from private jet flights to race car driving lessons.
Dynamics launched ePlate in the UK during FinovateEurope 2013. ePlate cards include a programmable magnetic stripe that limits fraud by rewriting itself with each new transaction. Additionally, users can access the Dynamics system to program the card to respond to preferred offers, rewards, and other incentives.
The generousity of the rewards available to ePlate cardholders is meant to represent a sharp distinction with industry norms. Dynamics CEO and founder, Jeff Mullen, said in a release that while traditional cards often provided rewards of 1% of each purchase back, “the ePlate card (provides) new rewards as high as 50% or more.”