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Doxo Provides the Missing Login at Small Billers

image I dropped by doxo’s Pioneer Square (Seattle) digs this morning to get an update on their latest news, payment capabilities added to its mobile app. That’s potentially game changing for smaller billers who still struggle with online payments, let alone the nuances of mobile delivery. We’ll get back to that later.

But what opened my eyes this morning was the website of one of doxo’s smaller clients, the Lake Stevens Sewer District, which serves 10,000 customers in a community a half-hour north of Seattle.

The utility, like 54% of the billers in doxo’s database, had no online account info available prior to adopting doxo Connnect. Now, customers visiting the utility’s homepage are directed to login in to doxo to view AND pay their bill online (via ACH), for free. Previously (note 1), customers could use an online form to pay via credit card. But this required filling out the form every month and paying an extra 3% to 7% convenience fee.

Not all customers are going to like the requirement of creating an account at a third party. But considering the alternatives, mailing a check or filling out a form and paying a $5 fee (note 2), it’s pretty compelling. And as more people get used to logging in at various sites with their Facebook or Twitter credentials, the doxo Connect option for bills makes perfect sense. You could even say it fits the bill (sorry).


Lake Stevens Sewer District offers doxo Connect login on its homepage (link, 4 June 2012)

doxo payment at Lake Stevens Sewer District


1. The credit card option is still offered, see "Pay Here" link in the middle of the homepage (under the photo of the lake).
2. Of course, a number of the utility’s customers will continue to pay their bill via bank billpay systems, generally free of charge. But that’s not really a choice for customers visiting looking to make a payment and/or review their account info. 
3. For more info, see our report on paperless billing and banking (Nov. 2010, subscription).