FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Solus

FinovateAsia Sneak Peek: Solus

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateAsia on November 7 and 8 in Hong Kong. Pick up your tickets today and save your spot.

Solus is an adaptive, next-generation, multi-factor authentication platform that utilizes biometrics and machine-learning behavioral tools to detect and predict fraudulent behavior.


  • Agile platform allowing biometric and behavioral tools to be incorporated easily and cost-effectively at enterprise and individual level.
  • Futuristic machine-learning capabilities
  • No hardware requirements

Why it’s great
Solus is the only adaptive platform in the market today that allows clients to customize their multi-factor authentication requirements at enterprise and individual levels.

Matthew Ainscow, CEO



Lee Macdonald, Chief Strategy Officer