New Blog: Comala Connection from Comala Credit Union

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In our view, any blog is better than no blog; however, Comala Credit Union's new blog puts that hypothesis to a test. It's only been online for two weeks, so we'll cut them some slack, but they need to spruce it up a bit if they want members to trust it as a reliable resource.

Thanks to Ron Shevlin for posting the first link to the blog (here).
Update: Apparently, Morriss at Everthing CU had it first. Both posts were on the same day, but I doubt Ron posted his before the 12:19 AM entry at EverythingCU (here).


First post: 12 April 2007

Number of posts in April (April 1 to 25): 3

Comments in April: 3

Comments related to blog content or CU: 1

Traffic: not available

Score: 7 out of 18 (Grade = C-)

  • CU branding: No (just a small picture of what must be headquarters)
  • About this blog area: No
  • Relevant content: Not enough info (just 3 posts)
  • Appropriate post frequency: Not enough info 
  • Acceptable blog "tone": Yes
  • Prominent link to main CU website: No (buried in link list on lower right)
  • Email address for author or CU: No
  • Author name: No
  • Author bio: No 
  • Posts dated: Yes
  • Categories: Yes
  • Blog search: Yes
  • Professional look and feel: No (standard free Blogger template)
  • Comments: Yes 
  • CU response to comments: Yes
  • RSS signup: No (small Atom link at very bottom does allow feed signup; but it is difficult to find)
  • Email signup: No
  • Links to other appropriate resources: No
  • Prominent mention on main CU homepage: Yes (big time…and it blinks!)
  • Supplements text with occasional pictures/graphics: No

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