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BrightScope Featured in The New York Times

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Looking for a reliable guide to the top 401(k) plans? The New York Times is sending inquisitive investors in the direction of BrightScope.

An independent provider of 401(k) ratings since 2008, BrightScope provides an annual list of the top 30 401(k) plans. The company leverages the largest private database of 401(k) data to empower plan sponsors, advisors, and participants.

BrightScope incorporates 200 different factors into each individual 401(k) plan rating, making it easy to quickly evaluate and compare different plans. Importantly, as The New York Times points out, BrightScope makes it easy to compare plans by peer group, as well. This way a 401(k) plan participant can compare his or her plan to other plans in similar industries and businesses.

For more on BrightScope, take a look at the company’s Finovate demo here.