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Alkami Technology Brings its Digital Banking Platform to Patelco CU

Alkami_logo.jpgThe last many of us had heard about Alkami Technology was its appearance as part of Gonzobanker’s five-part, all-star dream banking app:

So which vendor’s functionality would make it into my product? I would take the marketing functionality from Alkami’s ORB (Online Relationship Builder)…”
Flash forward several months later and the Alkami is making headlines with news that it is bringing its digital banking platform to Patelco Credit Union. Patella is described in Bank Innovation’s coverage of the news as a “top 30 credit union” with more than $4 billion in assets and more than 280,000 members.
Alkami Technology develops online banking solutions for companies and institutions in the financial services industry. The company’s Online Relationship Builder will provide what Patelco CU president and CEO Erin Mendez called “a modern, sophisticated digital banking platform to achieve a unified banking experience.” The credit union will also be upgrading its mobile app and working to encourage its processors to support Apple Pay as part of the overall enhancement to its digital banking options.
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Alkami Technology has raised more than $50 million, with its most recent fundraising bringing in more than $23 million of that amount in December. The company is an alum of Finovate Startup 2009, where Alkami Technology demoed as “iThryv.”