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The 85 Fintech Graduates of Y Combinator (YC): 2005 to 2016

The 85 Fintech Graduates of Y Combinator (YC): 2005 to 2016

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Update: See here for full-year 2016.

Y Combinator (YC) continues to be the most important incubator in the general technology space with high-flying alums such as Airbnb, Dropbox and Instacart. YC is less well known, but equally successful in the fintech vertical with Stripe and Zenefits, along with two Finovate alums, ZenPayroll and Coinbase, all in the $500+ million club (based on most recent funding).

Those big wins are all the more impressive, given the smaller universe of fintech companies incubated at YC—less than 10% of its total (see table below). YC has hatched just 85 fintech companies (see list below), most in the past 30 months.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see how well the new crop of specialized fintech incubators does in attracting promising new fintech companies. Does backing from Barclays or Wells Fargo trump the halo effect of a YC investment? We’ll soon find out.


Table: YC Fintech Companies by Year

Class Total Companies # Fintech Companies % Fintech
2016 (1st half) 119 13 11%
2015 201 22 11%
2014 109 13 12%
2013 83 9 9%
2012 117 8 7%
2011 89 7 8%
2010 61 6 10%
2009 39 1 3%
2008 43 1 2%
2007 32 2 6%
2006 17 0 0%
2005 8 1 13%
Total 918 85 9.3%

Source: Y-Combinator (, Finovate analysis
(see note 1 for Fintech definition)


List: YC fintech alums by year

2016 (first half)

  • Bonsai: Invoicing and payments tool targted to freelancers
  • AlphaFlow: P2P real estate investment manager for individual investors
  • Cover: Insurance-on-demand using a smartphone camera
  • Emburse: Corporate prepaid cards that enforce spending rules
  • flexReceipts: Digital receipt platform
  • Landed: Crowdfunding platform for mortgage down payments
  • LendEDU: Student loan portal
  • MeterFeeder: Enables all parking meters to accept credit cards
  • PayStack: Online card processer in Nigeria
  • PocketSuite: Small businesses payment, invoicing, bookin and communication application
  • Stilt: Personal loans for international borrowers living in the United States
  • TrueBill: Subscription payment management for consumers
  • WorldCover: Crop insurance for the developing world



  • Abacus: Say good-bye to expense reports
  • BillForward: A highly flexible and unified billing platform; built for high growth and enterprise companies
  • BitAccess: The easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin
  • BlockScore: Real-time identity verification and due diligence
  • ClearTax; The easiest way to e-file income tax returns in India
  • Blockchain ID. A better identity
  • Shift Payments: Shift Payments is changing the way money changes hands
  • Sliced Investing: Sliced provides technology to help financial advisers deploy alternatives
  • TradeBlock: Digital currency data and analysis
  • Two Tap: Users can now order any product directly in your app with Two Tap
  • Zen99: 1099 tax help for rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, housekeepers, and more
  • Zidisha: Online microlending community
  • Zinc: Pay with with Dwolla or Bitcoin, and manage all your orders in one place



  • Airbrite (exited): Cloud-enabled platform for mobile commerce
  • Coinbase: Bitcoin wallet and exchange
  • Crowdtilt: Allows users to pool funds online
  • Eligible: Real-time eligibility checks for health insurance
  • FundersClub: Equity crowdfunding marketplace
  • LendUp: Reinventing the payday-lending industry
  • SmartAsset: Bringing full transparency to the financial decision-making process
  • ZenPayroll: Modern payroll


  • DebtEye: Automated credit-counseling solution
  • Giftrocket: Gift card that works at any location
  • GoCardless: U.K.-based service for merchants to set up interbank transfers for customers
  • Leaky: Helps consumers make better decisions about insurance
  • OrderAhead: Order from local merchants on your phone
  • TrustEgg: Simple way to save for a child’s future
  • SwipeGood: Enroll credit and debit cards to automatically round up every purchase to the nearest dollar for charity


  • CardPool (exited): Gift card exchange marketplace
  • E la Carte: Tablets for restaurant point-of-sale
  • FutureAdvisor (exited): Robo-adviser
  • Indinero: Accounting, taxes and payroll for small business
  • ReadyForZero (exited): Helping people control and reduce debt
  • Stripe: Developer-friendly way to accept payments online


  • WePay: Online payments platform


  • Tipjoy (dead): Social payments engine for digital content



  • TextPayMe (exited): SMS payment service acquired by Amazon


1. We are using a broad definition of fintech including payments, insurance, investing, etc.
2. A few YC companies are in stealth mode, so this list is not complete.