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  • Billcom adds open APIs to banking platform.
  • Blackhawk Network Announces New Financial Service Products in Canada.
  • Startup Central looks at Heckyl, Clari5 and BankBazaar at FinovateAsia.
  • VentureBeat considers SecondMarket's partnership with Angellist.
  • M.O. interviews Constancio Larguia, CEO & founder of Weemba.
  • SiliconBeat looks at Personal Capital's 401(k) product.
  • Kabbage Becomes Exclusive Funding Provider for Bonanza Sellers.
  • American Banker reports: Ties Cash-Flow Tools to Banks' Small Business Software.
  • Finextra reports UBank gathers transaction data for spending comparison site.
  • ShopKeep POS announces entry into the quick serve market with full kitchen printing capabilities.
  • Mashable lists SimpleTuition, ReadyForZero, and as tools to help minimize student loan debt.
  • Capital Access Network moves Headquarters to NYC.
  • Crowdfund Insider reports SoMoLend Announces New York Expansion.
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weembaLogo2.jpgWeemba, an online platform that matches borrowers to lenders, reached its first six month mark yesterday. The startup has seen continuous growth, and provides some stats:

Lending platform:

    • 2,000 borrowers
    • 45 lenders
    • 500 loan projects
    • Average loan amount of $75,000
    • Over 3x increase in number of loan projects since October 2011
Loan types:

    • Personal loans: just under 50%
    • Home & mortgage: 21%
    • Small business: 11%
    • Car/motorcycle/RV/ATV: 9%
    • Student loans: 5%
    • Healthcare: 4%
To learn more about Weemba, watch its FinovateFall 2011 demo.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgBank Technology News reports HomeDepot now accepts PayPal payments at all 2,000 retail stores.
  • Des Moines Register interviews Jordan Lampe, Dwolla's director of communications.
  • BancVue completes sale of $120 million credit card portfolio to First Arkansas Bank & Trust.
  • ThreatMetrix launches program to report malware capabilities.
  • Accounting Today selects Receivables for its Top New Products of 2012.
  • Diversinet names Dr. Hon Pak as CEO.
  • Sallie Mae & peerTransfer partner to facilitate international tuition payments.
  • Reuters looks at FINRA and Brightscope to give more information on financial advisors.
  • looks at how Dwolla survived the downturn.
  • Weemba celebrates 6 months of operation, unveils operating stats.
  • Handpoint Headstart wins 2012 Channel Awards.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You
can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Last week, The Early Show on CBS featured three Finovate alumni (see video below). The newscast describes how Weemba, Lighter Capital, and Rebirth Financial are all working to find funding for small businesses.  

All three startups use different approaches to provide small businesses with funding when banks fail to come through:

Thumbnail image for weembaLogo2.jpg


Approach: Serves as a matchmaker for borrowers and lenders
Average loan amount: $27,500
FinovateFall 2011 demo


Lighter Capital
Approach: Lends money based on business earnings
Average loan amount: $150,000

FinovateFall 2011 demo

Thumbnail image for Rebirth_Financial.jpg

Rebirth Financial
Approach: Matches borrowers with lenders based on a desired loan amount and interest rate 
Average loan amount: $80,000

FinovateFall 2011 demo

Source: CBS News
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgMaine Public Broadcasting Network profiles CashStar.
  • Bank Technology News describes how uses capital infusion to build a cash flow dashboard for businesses.
  • SecondMarket's homepage gets a makeover.
  • The CBS Early Show features Weemba, Lighter Capital, and Rebirth Financial.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpg
  • The Wall Street Journal lists Prosper, Lending Club, and Weemba as resources for home financing.
  • PayNearMe partners with iSend to simplify international gift giving this holiday season.
  • Doxo wins Red Herring Global 100.
  • Credit Karma and Intuit team up to provide credit services within FI-branded environments.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Social lending platform Weemba announced today that its network of lenders has expanded:

"New Weemba lenders include Crossroads Financial, Mercantile Capital Corporation and MedChoice Financial/Perform Finance, bringing the total number of lenders in the Weemba community to more than 30."

In the four months since its launch, Weemba has seen hundreds of loan applications that range from $1,000 to 1 million.

To learn more about Weemba, watch its FinovateFall 2011 demo.

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgFox Business News recommends banking with Simple as a way to counter bank fees.
  • The Sacramento Bee reports SafetyPay expands to U.S. marketplace in the airline & travel payments industries.
  • GeekWire reports Lighter Capital awards undisclosed amount of cash to HireAHelper.
  • Barganeering looks at what sets Personal Capital apart from
  • Business Insider explores the differences between SecondMarket and SharesPost.
  • Sun Life partners with Kony on claims mobile app.
  • Weemba adds 3 financial institutions to its network of lenders.
  • Two credit unions deploy Credit Karma's tools on their online banking platforms.
  • GoalMine to launch holiday gift card trade-in service.
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Weemba Plays Matchmaker For Borrowers

Thumbnail image for weemba.jpgAfter yesterday's CNNMoney article portrayed Lendio as a matchmaker, Bank Technology News published an article entitled, "Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make Me a ... Loan?" that shows Weemba in the same light.

This article, however, highlights Weemba's role as a friend to borrowers by treating them more as a partner than a product. Here are Weemba's borrower-friendly features:

    • Potential lenders are screened for predators 
    • The borrower decides when to open up communication
    • The borrower controls which personal pieces of information the lenders see
    • Borrowers do not pay fees, lenders do
It also gave some stats on the startup:

    • Loan requests are between $1,000 and $5 million
    • 2,000 members
    • 32 lenders
    • Competitors includes Kiva, Prosper, and Lending Club
City National Bank of Miami has been working with Weemba since launch. 

To learn more about Weemba, watch its FinovateFall 2011 demo.
Each month we survey the Web-traffic performance of Finovate alums using data from Web-analytics company Compete. 

Out of 268 alumni, 80 had more than 10,000 unique U.S. visitors in September 2011 and are included in the tables below. Of those, 33 (41%) had more visitors in September than August. Year-over-year, 42 (52%) had traffic increases.

Private Companies

  • Seeking Alpha and Cortera had the highest traffic in September with 2.1 and 2.0 million unique visitors, respectively. Cortera also had the highest increase in number of unique year-over-year visits with over 1.5 more visits in 2011 than in 2010.
  • Kabbage had the highest percentage growth year-over-year, up 280x.
  • Weemba saw the highest monthly growth percentage with more than 7.5 times the number of unique visitors in September compared to August.
  • had the highest increase in number of unique year-over-year visitors, growing by 126,000.
Source: retrieved the week of October 26, 2011

1) The previous month recorded was August 2011
2) Sears Credit Score is powered by
3) Truaxis was formerly BillShrink
4) Kasasa is powered by BancVue

Public companies

  • CheckFree had the highest percentage growth year-over-year, with over 7 times the number of visitors this year than last year.
  • Intuit had a notable increase in number of unique, year-over-year visitors, increasing by 300,000 visits.
  • Check Point had the highest month-over-month percent growth, with 41% more visitors in September than in August.
PublicWebTrafficSeptember2.jpgSource: retrieved the week of October 26, 2011

1) The previous month recorded was July 2011.
1. We reviewed 268 Finovate alumni. Only those with at least 10,000 unique visitors in July are listed. 
3. NM = not measurable
4. t= tie
5. Compete estimates online visitors based on the activity of a panel of more than 2 million U.S. Internet users. It is only an estimate of traffic and may undercount at-work usage.

Weemba's Loan Listings by Type

Thumbnail image for weemba.jpgYesterday, American Banker dissected Weemba's loan listings since the startup launched four weeks ago. Here is the breakdown of 150 loans requested so far:

  • Health care: 55% of loans
  • Small business financing: 12%
  • Automobile, motorcycle or other vehicle: 12%
  • Mortgages and home improvement projects: 10%
  • Student loans: 6%
  • Other: 5%
The average loan request = $37,000

To learn more about Weemba, watch its demo from FinovateFall 2011.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgGeezeo signs three more referral engine clients.
  • ComputerWorld looks at how SilverTail Systems mitigates fraud.
  • Bank Innovation highlights CashStar's partnering with banks for its gift-reward program.
  • Zecco is listed as 1 of 7 smart ways to invest $100.
  • Weemba reports a growing number of personal loan requests.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgSouth Florida Business Journal covers Weemba's borrower-lender matching service.
  • Deutsche Well World profiles eToro and also highlights Currensee and Zecco.
  • Expensify launches a lite version of its iPhone app.
  • RobotDough announces its Portfolio Monitoring Tool & discusses its FinovateFall experience.
  • NBC 12 in Virginia reports InComm named Leading Prepaid Organization and Best Prepaid Product Distributor at 2011 Prepaid Awards.
  • FierceFinanceIT looks at how Zecco and TradeKing are using social media.
  • On Deck Capital reviews its experience at BAI.
  • Fox Business News looks at PayNearMe's quest to assist consumers without credit cards.
  • HelloWallet launches feature that allows users to manually add transactions.
  • Spectrem's Millionaire Corner blog profiles
  • Pageonce launches Mobile Bill Pay Service that allows consumers to "Tap to Pay."
  • American Banker on how four Finovate alums unwrap the payments genome.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgAfter being acquired by Taulia, billFLO announces its services will be shutting down Dec 1, 2011.
  • Fox Business News mentions ChargeSmart's mortgage payment solution.
  • DoughMain explains how to ease children's financial fears. 
  • Business Insider uses BillFloat and as examples of alternative financing companies.
  • Dwolla now integrated with Active Merchant for use in Shopify.
  • Weemba seeks to help with cash-flow issues during the holiday season.
  • Prosper's September volume is four times larger than 2010.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgTSYS signs payments agreement with Imperial Bank.
  • The Baltimore Sun mentions BillFloat & as two companies that are assisting cash-strapped consumers.
  • LearnVest launches LV Mom's Newsletter & 2 new products: Baby On Board Bootcamp & LV Discussions.
  • Weemba gives small businesses simple, direct pipeline for raising financing pre-holiday season.
  • Morningstar recommends CheckFree to help control your bills by setting up automatic payments.
  • Continuity Control buys Compliance Services Group of Iowa & Kirschler Peterson & Associates of Atlanta.
  • Crain's New York mentions BillGuard, BankSimple, Betterment, SecondMarket, On Deck Captial & Plastyc.
  • Jemstep launches out of beta to offer custom investment advice & guidance.

This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.
Thumbnail image for weemba.jpg
Kicking off FinovateFall this year, Weemba demoed its social platform that matches borrowers and sellers. It allows borrowers to choose which lenders see their profile. With this platform:

"Borrowers create a profile under a nickname, and post a project to obtain financing from one of the many professional Lenders registered in Weemba. Besides the reason for and amount of a loan, profiles may include everything from the Borrower's income, education level and veteran status (Individuals) to their number of employees, annual sales or revenues and articles of incorporation (Businesses). 

Lenders will be able to search projects created by those Borrowers and narrow them down by credit score, amount needed, location, type of loan and more. When a Lender finds an interesting project, the Lender then may ask the Borrower for access to their real identity, as well as private details about the project. Professional Lenders will be able to find the exact Borrowers they want, not information that is old, recycled, uncertain or vague. If the Borrower grants access to the Lender, all further contact and any negotiations take place outside Weemba."

Product Launched: August 2011

HQ Location: Miami Beach, FL
Company Founded: January 2011
: $5.5 million raised, 18 employees

Presenting Annette Gallagher (CEO) & Matthew Reid (Chief of Lender Relations)


FInFallLogo.jpgMore than 60 leading fintech innovators, both startups and established companies, are gearing up to present at the biggest Finovate ever, Sep. 20/21 in NYC.

Each company provided a sneak peek of what they'll be demoing on stage next month. Below is the first installment of these teasers. We'll have more next week. 

Don't miss your chance to see the live demo from each company and meet the execs responsible. Get your FinovateFall ticket here


Backbase is launching "Retail Bank of the Future," representing the e-banking engagement experience of tomorrow. It embodies the newest User Experience (UX) patterns based on input gathered from customer research, industry thought leaders and UX specialists.

Innovation type: Mobile UI, online UI

Personal finance is a chore and not too high on any To-Do list. Life is busy and finance stresses people out. 

At Balance, we manage your personal financial chores for you. We combine professional service (your own bookkeeper!) with all of your financial accounts and bills in one place for a fully managed experience that is personalized for you.

At Finovate we will show how you can now connect your financial accounts to Balance and power our newest expense tracking, budgeting and custom reporting tools. Also, look for a demo of our photo bill pay app and some other surprises!

Innovation type: Banking, payments, PFM

Saving for a house? And retirement? And that dream vacation? No problem with! We've created the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way for consumers to invest for their goals and the future.

Innovation type: Banking, investing, PFM

Banks need to re-define the relationship they have with consumers if they want to succeed in today's market. StatementRewards has introduced an effective way for financial institutions to inexpensively reward their consumers for banking with them, which in turn increases loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

At Finovate, BillShrink announces a new innovation that harnesses the intelligence of aggregated transactional data and applies it to customers' social networking and purchase management activities. By utilizing advanced analytics to present the most personalized offers and other services to customers, StatementRewards gives financial institutions a unique, competitive edge.

Innovation type: Cards, PFM, rewards

Want to see the definitive search engine for tackling today's banking issues? cbanc Network has created a revolutionary online collaborative platform for financial institutions to share best practices. This secure online community contains the largest repository of peer-authored, board-approved, exam-tested content anywhere. Here, banking professionals trade real, practical work -- including policies, procedures, agreements, vendor reviews and more from every department of a bank or credit union. 

This network
  1. Motivates people to share their best work 
  2. Uses points as currency to incentivize users 
  3. Helps FIs prepare for exams
  4. Protects users around legal and competitive concerns of sharing

Innovation type: Back office, online UI, security

The technology of the CLX.SentinelDisplay, a Class 4 reader with a hardened browser, hardened middleware, an integrated smart card and a high-resolution display,  ensures extremely high, comprehensive security in e-banking applications. 

Along with the reader's extremely secure customer authentication and transaction signing mechanisms, the advanced concepts for application authentication and pro-active security updates is unique. The hardened browser (CLX.SecureBrowser) onboard the reader ensures full confidentiality of customer data - a security aspect that is often entirely ignored.

Innovation type: Identity, payments, security

DeMystData's new web-based modeling platform helps lenders grow thin file portfolios without increasing their risk level. With minimal inputs, our tool leverages the vast amounts of data accumulated online, applies advanced statistical techniques, and configures a bespoke predictive API that captures additional customer information without adding underwriting complexity.  

The DeMystData platform has application in variety of commercial environments including credit issuance, risk assessment, segment identification, and offer customization.

Innovation type: Identity, lending, marketing

Credit unions, banks, financial advisors, financial institutions: How are you delivering youth financial education to your client families? How are you connecting with your next generation client? How are you fulfilling Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) responsibilities for financial literacy programs that progress in complexity as students get older? 

You've tried online content and even interactive online games, but the results are disappointing. Neither can hold a child's attention for long or keep them coming back over the years. We have a better way. It's no game. It's real experience. It works. We can't wait to show you at FinovateFall 2011.

Innovation type: Online UI, PFM

Fuze Network provides innovative ways for financial companies and their customers to work together. Learn how we help billers to build brand loyalty, aid in collection efforts, reduce fees, boost your customer service efforts and help to eliminate misdirected funds.

With Fuze at your back we can help to boost your store traffic, drive sales, increase revenues and simplify the hassle of payment processing all while creating a better customer service experience.

Fuze helps connect customers with the closest payment locations, online bill payments, simple cash payment solutions, and easy utility bill payment all while saving them fees and the hassle and stress of paying bills.

Innovation type: Back office, cards, payments

Ready to have your financial mind blown away? Lighter Capital is combining light-hearted irreverence PLUS a light-weight and flexible funding structure PLUS a social-based investment decision analysis to make it easier, faster and more fun for small businesses to access capital than ever before! Get ready!

Innovation type: Investing, lending, small business

Micronotes (2).jpg
KulaX is a cross-sell engine that enables financial institutions to leverage their online banking platform to generate more leads faster without interfering with core banking functions. 

Online banking customers are targeted with the "next best product" where they are invited, at logout, to engage in an automated one-on-one microinterview with their financial institution about their financial products needs and preferences. Upon interview completion, customers are presented with special offers for the FI's products and services that have been tailored based on interview responses; requested offers are emailed to customers.

Innovation type: Marketing, rewards

Modo converts redemptions to payments, and makes payments mobile.  Our demo will show how easy it is to onboard consumers and merchants, as well as the simplicity of paying with modo.  

And of course, most importantly, why you should GET modo and PAY with modo, in the first place: MORE!

Innovation type: Mobile, payments, rewards

When your brand is in the palm of your customer's hand: make the most of mobile technology. Mootwin helps your business enhance the mobile customer experience, re-enforce loyalty, and accelerate revenue growth.

Innovation type: Communications, marketing, mobile

MShift and ACI Worldwide formed an alliance in 2010 to offer mobile delivery of ACI Enterprise Banker, the industry leading business banking solution.  

They are now partnering to create a ground-breaking mobile business banking native application for the tablet. The application is focused on robust and graphically rich presentations of financial data as well operational tasks like ACH, wire release and bill payment, all with access from anywhere at anytime.

Innovation type: Banking, mobile, payments

MyCyberTwin will demo its Artificial Intelligence solutions, called virtual agents, and give a detailed explanation about how current leading financial institutions are using the technology today and will use the technology in the future.

It is a powerful demo to show an audience how a computer thinks and answers questions in real-time, helping customers get the answers they need while helping companies garner the intelligence of the customers visiting their websites. This demo will also showcase an emotionally responsive AI virtual agent able to capture emotion including smiling, frowning, and expressing gratitude.

Innovation type: Communications, marketing, sales

The oFlows paperless loan and deposit originations system has expanded beyond financial institutions.  Because oFlows has seamlessly integrated credit, fraud and payment systems, now anyone can use oFlows for just about any transaction.

Think of the last time you were handed a clipboard with a paper form on it. Next time it might be a tablet computer running oFlows.

Innovation type: Banking, lending, mobile

Planwise(mifii) (1).png
Consumers have plans, life plans, and want to understand how those plans affect their finances in the future, so they can make better decisions.

Planwise is launching tools that will help any consumer, from the teen buying a laptop, the 20-something buying a car, the couple buying their first home to the astute property investor, to better understand how their decisions today might look in the future financially.

The consumer can then connect with the lender or adviser of choice to quote, get advice or apply.

Innovation type: Lending, marketing, PFM

Putting money aside for a rainy day is easier said than done. Many Americans do not have any money saved for emergencies. 

Plastyc aims to change this by introducing automated savings built into prepaid card accounts. Setting aside a few dollars every day, week or month will be just a single click away. Money accumulated in the savings purse of the card account will reward savers with cash at unprecedented rates.

Innovation type: Banking, cards, online UI

ReadyForZero is an online program for the 77% of American families who are paying down debt. For individuals and families, ReadyForZero facilitates the management and reduction of debt. 

For financial institutions, the program is a low-touch and consumer-friendly alternative that reduces net credit loss and improves customer retention.

Innovation type: Online UI, payments, PFM

Rebirth Financial, noted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as a company to "change the US finance system," is shaking up the small business lending game again! 

In February, Rebirth launched the nation's first peer-to-business lending platform. Shortly after, Rebirth uniquely integrated SBA and CRA lending into the P2B mix. 

Now, Rebirth is introducing the JAS Rating System! It's a system that will redefine the way we analyze small business and a must-see for financial institutions lending to small businesses and companies wondering whether they should extend credit to a new client. It's just another game changer from Rebirth Financial.

Innovation type: Back office, lending, small business

T8 Webware is bringing native mobile services to the masses by giving consumers real-time access to their financial purchase capabilities. Grip, a financial decision-making tool supports consumers' daily needs, empowering them to understand their money flow simply and without clutter. 

Grip enables financial institutions to provide convenient information on the go; addressing consumers' mobile needs through a highly secured mobile and tablet app. With no reliance on core integration, financial institutions can offer Grip almost immediately and without any upfront fees. It can be deployed in three weeks and costs 99 cents each month for customers who use the app.

Innovation type: Communications, mobile, PFM

The Transecq solution, powered by ENTERSECT ITA, has revolutionized two-factor authentications by utilizing the power of the end user's mobile device, fully encrypting the device and creating a multi-factor authentication tool. 

Strong 2-Factor authentication delivered ubiquitously across the globe puts the power of approval in the appropriate hands.Thus providing protection and security way beyond passwords and account challenges.

Transecq is the industry leading innovator and developer of mobile security solutions for the financial services market.  All the services leverage the security of Digital Fingerprint technology which uniquely ties a user and his/her mobile phone to an encryption key.

Innovation type: Communications, identity, security

Weemba revolutionizes the way borrowers and lenders find each other and interact in a social-network-like online format. Borrowers create a profile and post a loan project under a nickname. 

Profiles may include everything from the Borrower's income and education level (individuals) to their number of employees and annual sales (businesses). Lenders search projects by credit score, amount needed, purpose and more. 

When a Lender finds an interesting project, the Lender then may ask the Borrower for access to their real identity. If the Borrower grants access to the Lender, all further contact and any negotiations take place outside Weemba.

Innovation type: Lending, marketing

At FinovateFall 2011, Yodlee will demonstrate customization without effort. The company has developed a way for banks to automatically tailor a consumer's initial experience with personal financial management.

Or, as the company likes to say:

    Online banking can be such a chore
    Checking balances is often a bore
    With new customization
    You'll cause a sensation
    Yodlee FinApps offers MUCH more

    All new at Finovate
    Banking that will motivate
    Inspire and personalize
    You'll see how to stylize
    Your customers will tell you you're so GREAT
Miami-based Weemba launched a social lending site today. This social network-like platform allows borrowers to create profiles in order to share more about themselves and their project.

"Profiles may include everything from the borrower's income, education level and veteran status (individuals) to number of employees, annual sales or revenues, and articles of incorporation (business). Borrowers can upload images, videos and files that support their loan projects, better showcasing them for lenders." 

Thumbnail image for Weemba Screen.jpg

Come see Weemba's demo at FinovateFall in New York this September 21-22. Get your ticket here.

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