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Metaforic Launches Mobile Software Security to Detect and Respond to Mobile Security Threats


Next, Metaforic launched mobile software security technology:
“Metaforic is demonstrating its latest technology that can detect, respond, and report on a range of security threats to mobile financial applications. The product works on a per-app basis at the application layer to inform operators of the real-time security state of the application and device. 
For example, a Metaforic protected application can detect an application repackaged with a malicious payload, alert the institution if the app connects to its service, and mark any transactions with a higher risk profile. Another example is if the device is jail broken, it will be reliably reported.”
Product Launch: November 2012
HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
Founded: 2006
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week

Introducing Douglas Kinloch (VP Business Development), Ryan Lambert (Director, Professional Services)