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FiveDegrees_logo_high-res.jpgThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2015.

Next up is Five Degrees, the developer of Matrix, a core BP engine and banking solution.

The world of services is here. Connecting with other parties, including non financial, is key to a modern banks' success. That is why Five Degrees is introducing Matrix Universe, a set of extensions on our Mid-Office services suite that enables banks to fully manage their partnership ecosystem. For retail and SMEs, transactions and loyalty, infrastructure and data analytics, apps and services can be added. Built around our visual BPM engine means no coding is required.

Presenting Brian van Wachem, Chief Commercial Officer, and Björn Holmthorsson, CTO

Product Launch: February 2015
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms, licensed

HQ: Breukelen, Netherlands
Twitter: @fivedegrees

Finovate Alums Populate the FinTech50

Looking for the most innovative startups in fintech? The FinTech50 is a great place to start.

It also turns out to be a great place to find Finovate alums. Of the 50 companies recognized by FinTechCity's panels of judges as being "game-changers transforming the future of finance," nearly half are alumni of Finovate conferences - including our upcoming event in London.

Here is the list of alums in alphabetical order:
According to Chris Skinner, who was one of the panelists, more than 700 companies competed for spots in the FinTech50. The selection panel included veterans of finance and technology from companies ranging from American Express and Google to Silicon Valley Bank and UBS. The FinTech50 winners were announced at an invitation-only event in London.

Speaking of London, Five Degrees, InvoiceSharing, Ixaris, mBank, and Trunomi will be in town next month, demonstrating their latest solutions at FinovateEurope 2015, February 10 and 11. More information on the event available here.
FiveDegreesLogo.jpgThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2014.

Our next innovator is Five Degrees, showing how they have leveraged their core BPM universal banking solution to provide a suite of new services:

"Matrix Accounts is a modern lean back office solution that manages product and admin specific data for the benefit of the mid and front office operations. Matrix Accounts is designed for existing banks, as well as banks of the next generation. With a focus on automation, flexibility, traceability and security, Matrix Accounts is the solution for lowering cost and enhancing agility in the banking environment. Matrix Accounts incorporates a highly flexible product builder to support the varying needs of different kinds of banks: retail, commercial and investment. Matrix Accounts comes with basic features, covering all standard needs of any bank."

Presenting Bjorn Holmthorsson (Co-Founder & CTO) and Brian van Wachem (Chief Commercial Officer)

Product Launch: February 11, 2014
Metrics: Software company founded in 2009, delivering front-to-back next generation banking platform, operating with 45 staff from the Netherlands, Iceland and Luxembourg, ISAE 3000 certified, revenue 2012 €3.3 million, 2013 expected revenue €3.7 million; funding: Angel rounds (2009/2010): €2 million, Series A (2011): €3 million, April 2013: €1.5 million
Product Distribution Strategy: Licensed

HQ: Breukelen, Netherlands
Founded: 2009

The FinTech 50 awards highlight 50 European-based companies to watch over the coming year. The companies are selected by a panel of 15 fintech professionals. This year, 19 of the selected companies are Finovate alums.

Here are the Finovate alums selected, listed in alphabetical order:

AcceptEmail, for its electronic billing and payment system that allows customers to make payments straight from their email.

BehavioSec, for its technology that uses behavioral biometrics to verify users, creating a secure environment without extra friction.

Credit Agricole Apps, for its online app store where financial apps are co-created between clients and developers.

eToro, for its social trading and investment network

ETRONIKA, for its full suite of ebanking channels and BANKTRON management platform.

Fidor Bank, for its innovative online banking community.

Five Degrees, for its integrated banking platform that extends from back-end systems to client-facing technology.

FreeAgent, for its SMB-focused online accounting system.

Help my Cash, for its recommendation engine that informs consumers of their options when choosing and negotiating financial services.

Holvi, for its smart checking account for group activities.

Ixaris, for its innovative global applications based on open-loop prepaid card schemes.

Klarna, for its e-commerce payment solutions.

mBank, for its Bank 3.0 approach to online and mobile banking.

Meniga, for its white-labeled PFM and next-generation online banking solutions.

Nutmeg, for its online savings and investing service that helps users manage their money.

The Currency Cloud, for its Cross Border Payments as a Service product that optimizes exchange rates and payment networks for both parties in a currency exchange.

TransferWise, for its platform that allows expats, foreign exchange students and businesses to move money globally.

Wonga, for its service that provides small, short term cash advances to UK consumers online.

Zopa, for its P2P money lending service that allows borrowers and lenders to deal with each other directly.

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

five_degrees_new_logo.jpgFive Degrees is on its way to the stage right now. The company will be introducing Matrix, its banking services hub:

"Watch a fully-automated model bank with unparalleled self-service (on-boarding) that gives both customer and bank imminent insight and control in the process. Through the web-based, mid-office portal we offer the enormous potential of business benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new businesses processes on the go.

As the market demands today, our open services hub integrates with external services like KYC checks, passport validation, PFM, etc. Come and view the fast and instant response for the next banking generation: rapid deployment, rich customer experience, instant and transparent insight for banks and clients alike."

Product Launched: Q2 2013

HQ Location: Breukelen, Netherlands
Company Founded: July 2009
Metrics: 2012 Revenue: 3.3 million euros; 40 full-time employees; 5 million euros in capital raised

Presenting Martijn Hohmann (CEO) and Bjorn Holmthorsson (CTO)

FinovateEurope 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 3

With just a few weeks to go before FinovateEurope, here's the third and final part of our Sneak Peek preview of the companies demoing in London (click here for part 1, here for part 2).

There still time to get your ticket and be a part of the conference in London on February 12 & 13 at Old Billingsgate Market Hall. For more information or to register, visit our FinovateEurope page here.

Each presenting company supplied a few teasers about the innovations they will be showcasing at the event.


Thumbnail image for AkamaiLogo.jpg

In a unique demonstration, Akamai will command agents and attack servers across the Internet to launch attacks commonly directed at financial services sites (including SQL injection, slow HTTP post, and DDoS attacks) at a pair of live demonstration banking sites on the public Internet. One site in the clear, and one protected by Kona Site Defender.

The demonstration will show how these attacks can compromise an unprotected site, and how Kona Site Defender is able to detect and mitigate these attacks automatically, live, in real-time. The demonstration will feature innovative adaptive rate control and real-time Web security monitoring security technologies.

Innovation type: Security



A lot is happening on the front-end of payments: Mobile POS, mobile wallets, NFC payments ... The back-end of payments, however, remains untouched. A card transaction is nothing more than a money transfer.  Meanwhile, developers dread the prospect of having to develop native applications for each of these new, front-end payment platforms.

So why not an API that sits at the very heart of the transaction network, on top of the most widespread means of payment: the payment card? What if one could link applications to payment cards, essentially turning what's already in consumers' pockets into a loyalty card, a discount voucher or a means of sending them digital receipts?

Innovation type: Rewards, cards, back office

Device Ident

Device Ident will showcase its new solution to prevent online fraud in real time. Our product identifies and evaluates any device interacting with our customers' online services, and analyzes history and behavior of the visiting device to prevent fraud and misuse for all our customers.

It is easily integrated into our customers' online services and it fully complies with European privacy laws.

Innovation type: Security, identity

Five Degrees

Watch a fully automated model bank with an unparalleled level of self-service giving both customer and bank imminent insight and control in the process.

Through our Web-based, mid-office portal, Five Degrees offers the potential of enormous business benefits in terms of efficiency in adapting new business processes on the go. As today's market demands, our open services hub integrates with external services like KYC checks, Passport Validation, and PFM.

Come and view the fast and instant response for the next banking generation: rapid deployment, rich customer experience, instant and transparent insight for bank and client alike.

Innovation type: Back office, banking, communications, sales


Thumbnail image for FreeAgent_logo.jpg
FreeAgent is the UK's market leader in SME cloud accounting software. The FreeAgent platform's capabilities extend far beyond traditional accounting software, and are developing toward performance and health measurement tools, providing vital information for both the businesses themselves and current or prospective lenders.

We will demonstrate how cloud accounting and the associated data creation, aggregation and interpretation functions can provide financial institutions with real-time insights into the underlying fundamentals and risk trends existing within a single business or across a base of clients.

Innovation type: Back office, lending, small business


GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement is an interactive and engaging way to present your customers' statements, online or offline.

Instead of the standard online statements, GMC Inspire can generate thousands of dynamic statements in minutes, presenting your customers' data through attractive charts and graphs that are fully clickable.

Areas that require attention and action can be highlighted and customers can even drill down to granular level detail, providing a fully intuitive service. GMC Inspire also allows you to track usage of every statement and use this data to populate relevant offers and marketing messages for every customer.

Innovation type: Mobile, PFM


Thumbnail image for MenigaLogo.jpg
"To Buy or Not to Buy" is a white-label module for mobile banking applications that uses PFM functionality to empower and influence consumers at the point of sale or when considering buying something.

It allows users to check if they can afford what they are about to purchase or see how much closer to their savings goals they would be if they saved the money and used it to feed their goal instead.

One unique aspect of this innovation is allowing the users to leverage their social networks and direct messages to crowd-source the decision and instantly collect feedback before making the purchase. This fun and simple feature uses gamification to engage users and their network of friends.

Innovation type: Mobile, online, PFM, rewards


PhotoPay provides the easiest and fastest way to pay paper and PDF bills using mobile devices.

Paying bills on a mobile phone is often difficult. Manual data entry is cumbersome and frustrating for smartphone users. PhotoPay has developed an advanced technology that significantly improves the mobile bill payment experience for both paper and electronic bills.

Banks and payment providers love PhotoPay because it can dramatically improve user experience and increase bill payments transactions. Our first bank customer has seen a 2,000% increase in mobile bill payments after implementing PhotoPay.

Innovation type: Payments, cards

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