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Akamai’s New Bot Manager Offers Insight into Bot Activity


Akamai, a security company that helps businesses secure and deliver online content and applications, introduced a new offering today, the Akamai Bot Manager.

The new product comes in response to a recent finding that more than 60% of a company’s web traffic may be generated by bots.


Bot activity consists of anything from screen scraping, to automated clicks, to illegitimate transactional activity. While bot activity is considered part of the cost of doing business, it is difficult for companies to determine exactly what that cost is. Bot Manager educates companies about what types of bot traffic are frequenting their site, and offers remediation to help businesses make decisions and take action.

As Stuart Scholly, SVP & GM of Akamai’s Cloud Security Solutions explains, “We’re giving our customers the power and flexibility to put a true bot management strategy in place that best fits their business goals and objectives.”

Bot Manager will be commercially available at the end of this month.

At FinovateEurope 2015, the company launched its Client Reputation service designed to help FIs forecast security issues and protect against DDoS attacks, web attackers, screen scrapers, and scanning tools.

Akamai was founded in 1998 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Tom Leighton is CEO.