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Social Investment Network eToro Reaches 50 Million Trades


eToro is marking their second year as an investment network, announcing a handful of metrics and milestones as part of the celebration:

  • 50 million trades processed
  • 3 million registered users
  • 200,000 active investors

eToro allows investors to invest together, sharing trading information and/or following "top traders" who may have as many as 9,000 other investors following their every move in the market. The platform includes safeguards, such as a tool that will prevent investors from investing more than 20% with any one trader. Investors can participate in eToro for as little as $50. And the company is currently offering a $20 gift card to new users.

eToro was founded in 2007, and is led by CEO Jonathan Assia and CTO David Ring. The company has raised nearly $34 million in funding, including a $15 million round in March.

eToro demonstrated their technology last year as part of FinovateFall, winning Best of Show for the fourth time. See them in action here.

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