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The Cool House of Financial Media's eyeOpen Service Matches Consumer with Financial Products

Next this afternoon, The Cool House of Financial Media showed off eyeOpen, a product that matches consumers with financial products:

"eyeOpen introduces matching technology in the financial world. The eyeOpen technology enables the business models of a free internet-based financial planner that lets users put information from several sources onto a single screen and then recommends suitable products. 

In order to get a match for a suitable mortgage, the consumer answers 13 simple questions. Based on his profile, he will be presented with the option that over 1,000 people like him have chosen, and also with 3 product choices based on what over 500 financial advisors would advise people like him. The algorithm behind this model crunches over 2 million data points per consumer and is based on extensive market research."

Product Launched: June 2011

HQ Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Company Founded: December 2009 
Metrics: Money raised to date: credit line of €5 million, revenues: €400,000 in 2010, website traffic: 70,000 monthly

Presenting Diederick van Thiel (CEO) & Rosali Waleson (CCO)


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