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planwise Helps Consumers Grasp and Plan Their Financial Future

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Next to step up to the podium is planwise, a startup who aims to help all consumers understand and plan their financial future: 

"We are to demo the core proposition of planwise, which enables the consumer to > Learn > Plan > Quote > Apply > Get Advice around any life plans they may have and the credit products that would be required to make them happen. 

The tools enable any consumer from all ranges of demographic, age, financial or computer knowledge to better understand how the plans they make today affect their finances in the future, so they can make better decisions. We will be launching with demoing mortgage products."

Product Launched: September 2011 

HQ Location: San Francisco, CA 
Company Founded: January 2011 
Metrics: Money raised: $50,000, employees: 5, registered users: 50 pre-launch private beta, Traffic: Alexa Ranking 74,000 at August 1st, banks signed: 2

Presenting Vincent Turner (CEO)


1 Comment

Thank you Julie for the article. We were pleased to be able to demo our product at such a wonderful event. This was personally my first time experiencing anything like that. I'm glad me personally and planwise was able to be there. That's a super awesome photo too. Just used to for a blog post

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