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With Kabbage's SocialKlimbing, Online Merchants Benefit From Being Social

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This morning, Kabbage demonstrated SocialKlimbing, which enables online merchants to benefit from engaging in online social activity:

"Kabbage has launched the SocialKlimbing feature of its system, which enables online merchants to associate their social activities with their Kabbage account. By doing so, Kabbage incorporates information from these social media sites to underwrite risk and enable online merchants to receive a benefit by actively engaging with audiences interested in their products and services."

Product Launched: June 2010 

HQ Location: Atlanta, GA 
Company Founded: February 2009 
Metrics: Just under $26M raised from accredited investors and partners, 22 employees

Presenting Marc Gorlin (Chairman & Co-Founder) & Kathryn Petralia (COO)


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