FinovateMiddleEast 2018 / 0smosis

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: 0smosis aims to make Europe the best place for customers to do their financial transactions. In our Venture Studio, we build FinTechs around ideas that make financial services more transparent, simple and truly customer-focused using cutting edge technology.

Together with financial institutions, we innovate outside of the corporate walls and build real scalable solutions fast and efficiently. In our short history, we have developed several ventures, one of which will soon be released as a new banking offering and a second that has received external funding.

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with backgrounds in management consulting and FinTech. Combined we have 25+ years’ experience in financial services and emerging technologies.

How they describe their product/innovation: Because how do you make sure that you develop something consumers will want? How do you avoid costly experiments that fail? For this, we have developed a specific data-driven customer technique. So that we can spot opportunities in the market quick and grab them to define great products.

We will release “Unveil,” an online tool which we at 0smosis use daily. This will allow any Innovation, Transformation, FinTech professional or entrepreneur to:

  1. Perform customer interviews in a way you have never performed them before.
  2. Have a data-driven approach to your customer segmentation.
  3. Have direct input for innovation workshops.
  4. Start building the products and services your customers will love.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms


Bus. Dev.: Geert Van Kerckhoven (Venture Partner, Strategy & Management),, 0032 471 36 90 49,
Press & Sales:
Len Adriaenssens (Venture Partner, People & Customers),, 0032 474 92 12 76,

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