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Fintech Fundings: 113 Companies Raised $1.7 Billion in May

money_pig_sunglassesTotal fundings worldwide in May were $1.7 billion across 112 deals and 1 IPO. The weekly details can be found through the following links:

The final week of the month saw 29 companies raise $592 million, including $238 in Cotiviti’s IPO. Venture funding was $354 million, of which just $100,000 was debt.

Two Finovate alums raised substantial rounds:

  • TransferWise raised $26 million, at a $1.1 billion valuation, for its international funds-transfer service
  • DashLane raised $22.5 million to fund growth of its digital password-management system

The total number of deals YTD stands at 551, 80% more than last year’s 306. Total dollars raised YTD is now $15.7 billion, more than twice the $7.2 billion raised during the same period a year ago.


Fintech deals by size from 21 May to 27 May 2016:

Healthcare payments analytics
Latest round: $238 million IPO
Total raised: Unknown
HQ: Atlanta, Gerogia
Tags: SMB, enterprise, healthcare, payment, insurance, bookkeeping, analytics, cost savings
Source: FT Partners

P2P lending platform
Latest round: $153 million Series C
Total raised: $177 million
HQ: Hangzhou, China
Tags: Consumer, lending, peer-to-peer, credit, underwriting, investing
Source: Crunchbase

Crowdsourced investment information
Latest round: $30 million Series D
Total raised: $57.2 million
HQ: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tags: Consumer, investors, advisers, investing, trading, wealth management
Source: Crunchbase

International funds transfer network
Latest round: $26 million Series D
Total raised: $116.4 million
HQ: London, England, United Kingdom
Tags: Consumer, SMB, payments, remittances, foreign exchange, fx, Finovate alum
Source: Finovate

Carson Group
Wealth management platform
Latest round: $35 million
Total raised: $35 million
HQ: Omaha, Nebraska
Tags: Advisers, investing, wealth management, trading
Source: Crunchbase

Password management and secure digital wallet
Latest round: $22.5 million Series C
Total raised: $52.5 million
HQ: California
Tags: Consumer, B2B2C, password management, security, Finovate alum
Source: Finovate
Online alternative investments
Latest round: $20 million
Total raised: $20 million
HQ: Limassol, Cyprus
Tags: Consumer, investing, alt-investments, trading, wealth management, advisers
Source: Crunchbase

Point-of-sale system for vehicles
Latest round: $17 million
Total raised: $19.5 million
HQ: San Francisco, California
Tags: Consumer, B2B2C, credit, lending, auto lending, indirect loans, underwriting
Source: Crunchbase

Wealth management platform
Latest round: $9.6 million Angel
Total raised: $9.6 million
HQ: London, England, United Kingdom
Tags: Consumer, advisers, investing, trading, asset management
Source: FT Partners

Electronic execution platforms for interest rate swaps
Latest round: $9.2 million Series A
Total raised: $33.7 million
HQ: New York City
Tags: Enterprise, investing, trading
Source: Crunchbase

Alt-lender to small businesses
Latest round: $8 million Series A
Total raised: $8 million
HQ: Mexico City
Tags: SMB, credit, commercial loans, lending, underwriting
Source: Crunchbase

Lien rights platform
Latest round: $5.0 million Series A
Total raised: $6.77 million
HQ: New Orleans, Louisiana
Tags: SMB, commercial lending, construction loans, security, underwriting
Source: Crunchbase

Syndicate Room
Equity crowdfunding platform
Latest round: $4.6 million Series A
Total raised: $8 million
HQ: Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Tags: Consumer, SMB, investing, equity, P2P, peer-to-peer
Source: Crunchbase

Mobile sales and fulfillment for financial institutions
Latest round: $3 million
Total raised: $3 million
HQ: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tags: Enterprise, online marketing, account opening, marketing, lead gen
Source: FT Partners

Clarity Money
Personal finance management app
Latest round: $2.5 million
Total raised: $2.5 million
HQ: New York City, New York
Tags: Consumer, personal finance, PFM, mobile
Source: Crunchbase

United Mobile Technology
Mobile payments platform, iPAYst
Latest round: $2.2 million Series A
Total raised: $2.2 million
HQ: Munich, Germany
Tags: Consumer, B2B2C, payments, analytics, big data
Source: FT Partners

Online tax preparation
Latest round: $2 million Seed
Total raised: $15.4 million
HQ: New Delhi, India
Tags: Consumer, taxes, personal finance, tax prep
Source: Crunchbase

Personal finance coach
Latest round: $1.2 million Seed
Total raised: $1.2 million
HQ: San Francisco, California
Tags: Consumer, personal finance, PFM, service, sales, chatbot
Source: Crunchbase

Online investment manager
Latest round: $1 million Seed
Total raised: $1 million
HQ: Bangalore, India
Tags: Consumer, investing, trading, advisers, wealth management
Source: Crunchbase

Online investment platform for secured loans
Latest round: $870,000 Equity Crowdfunding
Total raised: $1.28 million
HQ: London, England, UK
Tags: Consumer, advisers, investing, commercial loans
Source: Crunchbase

Online automobile leasing service
Latest round: $725,000
Total raised: $725,000
HQ: Sweden
Tags: Consumer, credit, auto loans, lending, underwriting
Source: Crunchbase

Company credit cards
Latest round: $560,000 Seed
Total raised: $560,000
HQ: London, England, United Kingdom
Tags: SMB, credit cards, expense management, bookkeeping, controls, security
Source: Crunchbase

Latest round: $335,000 Seed
Total raised: $2.43 million
HQ: Malmo, Sweden
Tags: SMB, B2B2C, payments
Source: Crunchbase

Retail investor services platform
Latest round: $100,000 Debt
Total raised: $100,000
HQ: Miami, Florida
Tags: Consumer, advisers, investing, trading, deal management
Source: Crunchbase

Financial literacy app
Latest round: $10,000 Grant (from JP Morgan)
Total raised: $85,000
HQ: California
Tags: Consumer, personal finance information, gamification, underbanked, mobile
Source: Crunchbase

Bitcoin exchange
Latest round: Not disclosed
Total raised: Unknown
HQ: Dubai, UAE
Tags: Consumer, crypto-currency, bitcoin, blockchain
Source: Crunchbase

Blockchain-based smart contracts (aka Wings)
Latest round: Undisclosed Seed
Total raised: Unknown
HQ: Tel Aviv, Israel
Tags: SMB, blockchain, bitcoin
Source: Crunchbase

Expense reporting
Latest round: Unknown
Total raised: Unknown
HQ: Paris, France
Tags: SMB, bookkeeping, accounting, employee management
Source: Crunchbase

Equity crowdfunding platform
Latest round: Undisclosed
Total raised: Unkown
HQ: Nacka, Sweden
Tags: Consumer, SMB, equity investing, investors
Source: Crunchbase