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StockTwits Offers Brokerage Functionality Powered by Robinhood


StockTwits, a social network for investors and traders, last week announced it has partnered with stock-trading app Robinhood to incorporate brokerage functionality into its iOS app.

The partnership allows users to connect their two accounts, giving Robinhood users access to StockTwits’ stock-tracking tools, and offering Robinhood’s free brokerage service to StockTwits’ users. Highlights of the integration include:

  • See stocks on their StockTwits’ watchlist that they own in their Robinhood account


  • Swipe to trade for free with Robinhood without leaving the StockTwits’ watchlist and trending list


  • Share Robinhood trades within StockTwits’ community


While the new trading functionality is not currently available on Android, StockTwits’ CEO Howard Lindzon notes that a solution is in progress and will be available soon.

StockTwits’ Lindzon presented at FinDEVr San Francisco 2014: