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SmartAsset Launches New Client Acquisition Solution

SmartAsset Launches New Client Acquisition Solution
Photo by chepté cormani from Pexels

One of my favorite stories about financial management involves a new broker who becomes alarmed during a major market meltdown. The broker is fearful of hearing from anxious clients and investors, who he is convinced will demand that he sell everything. He asks his supervisor for advice and his boss replies, “call them.” When the broker hesitates, his boss continues, “call them. If you don’t another broker will. “

Communication with clients is key for all successful financial managers – whether they are long-term customers or new prospects. And this engagement is all the more important when the markets are volatile and nerves are on edge. This is what makes the new service from SmartAsset, unveiled today, a valuable resource for financial managers as well as their customers and clients.

Live Connections, from SmartAsset, enables financial advisors to connect directly with prospective clients by phone. The service is available to U.S.-based certified financial advisors, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and advisory firms via SmartAsset’s SmartAdvisor platform.

Michael Carvin, CEO and co-founder of SmartAsset, said the new innovation was part of the company’s goal to enhance what he called “the match-making experience between consumers and financial advisors.” He added that the service would enable customers to more easily reach financial advisors “when intent is at the absolute highest.” The company notes that the average investor using its platform is 57 years old and has significant assets of nearly $900,000. Yet the vast majority of them – more than 75% – report not having a financial advisor.

The technology also enables advisors to spend more time working with clients and less time hunting for them. “For advisors, Live Connections cuts through the noise as we’re able to instantly connect them with validated consumer leads over the phone,” Carvin said. “All advisors have to do is pick up the call and focus on what they’re good at: advising clients.”

Today’s launch of Live Connections follows a 2019 pilot program in which advisors and firms reported a 100% contact rate and a 20% close/conversion rate with prospects.

One of the world’s most viewed sources of personal financial information, SmartAsset reaches more than 65 million people each month. Most recently demoing its technology at FinovateSpring, New York-based SmartAsset was founded in 2012 and has raised more than $51 million in funding. The company includes Focus Financial Partners, IA Capital Group, and Javelin Venture Partners among its investors.