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Samsung Acquisition of LoopPay Puts Apple Pay on Notice

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Forgive me for being a Finovate fanboy. But when Apple unveiled its Apple Pay technology last fall, one of my first thoughts was about Finovate alum and digital mobile wallet innovator, LoopPay.

Apparently, Samsung was thinking the same thing.

Arguably the biggest mobile payments news since the Apple Pay announcement, Samsung has purchased LoopPay, for an undisclosed amount. LoopPay, which took home Best of Show honors in its debut demonstration at FinovateSpring 2014, has leveraged its expertise in magnetic stripe technology (MST) to produce a secure, non-NFC-based, mobile payment solution. With Samsung’s acquisition, the technology will likely become one of the major competitors to Apple Pay.
Writing at the LoopPay blog, said the company would become a “wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America” and will continue to “innovate and operate” out of its Boston, Massachusetts headquarters.
For its part, Samsung talked about LoopPay as helping Apple’s biggest hardware rival build “the smartest, most secure, user-friendly mobile wallet experience.” An alliance between Samsung and LoopPay had been rumored since December, according to this reporting from Gigaom. And a major investment last summer also helped raise LoopPay’s profile – and hint at the technology’s potential for wider acceptance.
Above: Loop CEO Will Graylin at FinovateSpring 2014
Margaret Keane, President and CEO of Synchrony Financial, whose firm participated in last year’s funding, added: “This is great news for our customers who can access their cards and make payments using LoopPay’s contactless MST technology.”
“We look forward to working with LoopPay and others to deliver secure mobile payment solutions for all our 60 million active accounts.”