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Personetics Powers New Intelligent Financial Assistant Didi from Israel Discount Bank

Israel Discount Bank is jumping on the intelligent assistant bandwagon. This week, the bank launched its new digital financial assistant, Didi –  a solution powered by Personetics Cognitive Banking Brain.

“Utilizing advanced AI capabilities to provide personalized and proactive guidance is quickly becoming a must-have for financial institutions that want to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty,” Personetics co-founder and CEO David Sosna said. “While digital banking assistants are gaining popularity, the ones that will stand out will be those that deliver smart interactions based on true understanding of each customer’s financial behavior and needs.”

Digital banking assistants may offer efficient customer service, but the key to higher engagement lies in the ability to offer insight and guidance that is both personalized and proactive. Didi, which will be available for free to all Discount Bank customers via the mobile app, leverages Personetics’ Cognitive Banking Brain, which analyzes specific transactions to spot spending issues or opportunities for greater saving.

“Proactively providing insight and advice, Didi is always one step ahead, empowering customers to be more efficient and effective in managing their money,” Head of Technologies & Operations division at Discount Bank, Levi Halevi, said. In addition to delivering AI-powered personalized insights and guidance, the technology also features “hundreds of pre-built insights” which, in addition to being market-tested by banks around the world, will help Discount Bank roll out the technology that much more quickly.

At FinovateFall 2016, CEO Sosna and Solution Architect Sudharshan Krishnan demonstrated Personetics Anywhere, a chatbot solution for financial services providers that works across most common messaging platforms. Last fall the company launched a new service, Personetics Act, designed to give banks a new way to help customers repay their student loans ahead of schedule. Also last fall, Royal Bank Canada announced that it was leveraging the company’s technology to deliver two new services – AI-powered finance guidance and an automated savings program – through its mobile app.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Personetics was featured in our look at fintech innovation in Israel. The company has raised $18 million in funding and includes Lightspeed Venture Partners, Viola Ventures and Sequoia Capital among its investors.