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LendingRobot’s Algorithms Help Investors in P2P Marketplaces Get the Best Returns


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2014.

Then, LendingRobot debuted its platform that helps investors in P2P marketplaces achieve better returns:
“Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, LendingRobot uses machine-learning algorithms and real-time scoring to select and fund loans before they’re snatched up by institutional investors.”
Presenting: Emmanuel Marot (President) and Gilad Golan (CEO)
Product Launch: December 2013
Metrics: The amount of money invested through LendingRobot has been doubling every month since launch.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), through financial institutions, through other fintech companies and platforms
HQ: Seattle, WA
Founded: September 2012
Twitter: @LendingRobot