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Last Day to File Extended U.S. Income Tax Returns, Why Doesn’t Anyone Remind Me?

image If you are like me, you put off filing the dreaded 1040 as long as possible, and may often have no clue that the final due date (for extended returns) has snuck up on you once again. Then there are those quarterly filing dates that aren’t spaced three months apart (see screenshot; note 1). 

That’s why every financial institution that serves small businesses and the self-employed should do three things:

  • Post the IRS due dates on its website (see screenshot)
  • Provide email/text reminders (opt-in naturally)
  • Blog/Twitter them

Small biz accounting startup (a Finovate 2009 presenter) is ahead of the curve with its handy Self-Employment Tax Calendar:


1. I’ve been paying quarterly estimated taxes for 15 years, and thanks to the calendar, this is the first time I realized they were spaced 3-2-3-4 months apart. No wonder, I can’t remember.