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Kensho Announces Strategic Partnership with NBCUniversal

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Global analytics and intelligence systems specialist Kensho has entered into a strategic partnership with NBCUniversal News Group. As part of the arrangement, Kensho has formed a “multi-faceted content and product agreement” with financial news network, CNBC.

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Touting the agreement as a first-ever in the business, NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Pat Fili-Krushel suggested that while the company was committed to “innovation from within”, the opportunity to work with Kensho would provide “unique analysis” to its viewers. SVP and General Manager for CBNC Digital, Kevin Krim, added “our transformative collaboration with Kensho enables us to empower our audience to make sense and money from any event, whether expected or unexpected.”

Talking about the partnership, Kensho CEO Daniel Nadler put his company’s technology in the broader historical context of efforts to provide financial information to investors. Citing CNBC’s role in helping bring televised stock tickers to investors back in the 1990s, Nadler credited the company for “advancing the movement toward more transparent markets.” What Kensho will add, he explained, was “the power of statistics to gain context and make better, faster, more-informed decisions.” 
The specific components of the partnership include the debut of Kensho Stats Box, a technology that will be made available to CNBC’s journalists and anchors. The Stats Box, launching November 20, will provide research and analytics insights geared toward actionable, market-moving events. In return, CNBC will give Kensho access to its breaking news and financial market coverage, which will be integrated into the Kensho Professional Platform for FIs.
Kensho combines “massively-parallel” statistical computing with innovations in unstructured data engineering to provide financial professionals with a unique analytics platform for guiding investments. By providing real-time solutions to complex, natural language, financial questions posed to it, Kensho aims to bring both greater transparency and deeper insight to the relationships between geopolitics, the natural and business worlds, and the markets.
Founded in 2013 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kensho demoed an implementation of the technology called Warren at FinovateEurope 2014 in London. In January, Kensho raised $10 million in seed funding.