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ETRONIKA Piques the Interest of FinovateEurope Audience


In the week after FinovateEurope, I’ve been keeping track of press coverage from the conference. The media has generated a lot of buzz* about ETRONIKA’s use of Microsoft Kinect for online banking.

ETRONIKA, a Lithuanian startup, uses Kinect technology to provide users access to their online bank account via face and voice recognition, followed by a PIN number. After logging in, clients can navigate the system using voice commands and sweeping hand gestures.

Because this was the first time the Finovate team had ever seen this type of unique financial technology, we eagerly awaited seeing the demo. On the rehearsal day before the show, the microphones interfered with the voice recognition feature**. We sweated it out as the audio/visual team adjusted their equipment to minimize the echo caused by the large auditorium.

When ETRONIKA stepped up to the stage on the day of the conference, all fingers were crossed. Fortunately, the technology worked (almost) flawlessly, and the startup was able to share its unique technology with the audience.

ETRONIKA’s demo video will be posted on the Finovate website in a few weeks.


*Press coverage includes:

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by Mary Wisniewski
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by Christophe Langlois

**The voice-recognition feature works fine in a normal setting, this issue was solely caused by audio/visual technicalities.