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FinDEVr Silicon Valley: Techs on Twitter

Twitterlogo_lightblueNot to be outdone by the notoriously clever Tweeters of Finovate, the attendees of FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 produced more than their fair share of insights and observations on Twitter during the show. And for the first time, FinDEVr announced a pair of prizes for those technologists whose use of Twitter throughout the show was most remarkable.

Taking home top honors for Most Active Tweeter at FinDEVr Silicon Valley was Bandit, known also by her Twitter handle @miss_haley. With more than 90 tweets over two days of our developers conference, @miss_haley was hard to beat.


More than mere volume, @miss_haley’s knowledgeable and clever Tweets covered everything from the real-time animations of FinDEVr newcomer Cognitect, to the drama of the Jengawars. Bandit even pondered the challenge of voice authentication in an increasingly gender-diverse world.

Another Twitter award winner was David Pinski (@dapisnki). With tweeting recognized as the Most Effective Use of #FinDEVr, @dapinski impressed all with his insightful comments about PwC and blockchain technology and the “courageous and brave” presentation by MX’s Brandon DeWitt. We appreciated his observations on the difficulty of balancing technology and business perspectives in a FinDEVr presentation, and his creation and awarding of the “Funniest Nerd of the Day” award to IBM’s Stefania Kaz.


Here are some of the other more memorable moments of FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 as tweeted by our attendees.










We hope you had as much fun at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 as we did. For more from the Tweeters of FinDEVr Silicon Valley, check out #FinDEVr on Twitter. And to keep up with all of our alums and their exciting new innovations, be sure to follow us @FinDEVr.