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Digital Adoption, the Customer Experience, and the Latest from the Finovate Podcast

Digital Adoption, the Customer Experience, and the Latest from the Finovate Podcast

The latest round of Finovate Podcasts features four of the companies that won Best of Show awards at FinovateFall in September. A common theme in the conversations with most of these firms is the importance of customer engagement at a time in rapid digital adoption.

Below is a small sample of what Finovate VP and program host Greg Palmer and his guests are talking about. For more, be sure to check in for new episodes of the Finovate podcast every week.

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Corey Cederquist, Director of Customer Transformation & Data Science Advisory, and Brian Morris, Partner – Customer Analytics and Marketing, with PwC. Host Greg Palmer talks with Corey Cederquist and Brian Morris about “getting back to the basics” of understanding the customer.

“We often joke internally that we’re not your parent’s PwC and, as a collective customer transformation team, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to be more provocative in the way that we engage with technology, the experiences that we drive for our clients, and the insights that we deliver.”

Janice Diner, founder and CEO, and Steve Frook, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, with Horizn. Host Greg Palmer sits down with Janice Diner and Steve Frook to discuss digital adoption and how to prepare your customers – and yourself – for the wave.

“From a Horizn standpoint, we are absolutely focused on helping financial institutions to be able to achieve three key objectives: the first one is overachieving their digital growth goals, the second is successfully supporting mergers and new platform launches, and then the third component is driving mass adoption of new innovation and capabilities.”

Ana Echavarren, CEO of Infocorp. Host Greg Palmer and Ana Echavarren talk about user experience and “happy customers”.

“We’ve been doing this since 1994 through IC Banking, our digital channel platform that’s already implemented in more than 40 banks in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are helping people love their banks because we give them superior experiences with our digital channels. Today banks need to build loyalty through digital engagement. That’s why you need as a bank to have customers that love going to your application and your bank.”

David Snitkof, Head of Analytics at Ocrolus. Host Greg Palmer and David Snitkof discuss the future of lending.

“How fast could a mortgage be? At some point in the future, you’ll be able to get a mortgage in a couple of days. It’s harder to say when than to say what but, in theory, if you could process all of the information, and it’s all there available, you should be able to get a mortgage in a couple of days versus a month or more – what it takes today.”

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels