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CryptoNumerics Acquired by Snowflake in $7.1 Million Deal

CryptoNumerics Acquired by Snowflake in $7.1 Million Deal

Here’s some acquisition news that slipped past our radar: CryptoNumerics, an enterprise software company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was acquired by California-based, cloud data warehousing startup Snowflake last month.

And while terms were not disclosed when the deal was announced in July, Private Capital Journal reported that an IPO filing from Snowflake this week noted that the company had “acquired certain assets from a privately-held company for $7.1 million in cash.” Both companies have remained mum about the transaction; it is possible that Snowflake will be in a better position to discuss its recent activity, including its “business combination” after the company goes public in the next few months.

CryptoNumerics specializes in enabling businesses to create privacy protected datasets with quantifiable privacy risk. Founded in 2018, the company made its Finovate debut last spring at our west coast conference. At the event, company co-founders Holboke and Bhatti demonstrated CryptoNumerics’ CN-Protect technology that leverages differential privacy and AI to allow institutions to analyze consumer data while maintaining CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance.

Last fall, CryptoNumerics unveiled its Re-Identify solution, which enables companies to determine whether or not the identities of users in their datasets are secure. Based on CryptoNumerics’ CN-Protect, Re-Identity helps deal with a problem in typical de-identification techniques such as masking and tokenization which can fail to completely protect data.

“Our early enterprise customers are excited to partner with Cryptonumerics because we not only solve their privacy concerns but we also enable them to leverage their data assets to build cross enterprise models that create new revenue opportunities,” CryptoNumerics executive chairman and co-founder Ashfaq Munshi said.

CryptoNumerics has raised $2.5 million (CAD$3.3 million) in funding from 11.2 Capital, Data Capital Management, and Lux Capital. Last fall, the company was named one of Canadian Innovation Exchange’s top 20 most innovative startups in Canada.

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels