SocietyOne Launches Smartphone Loan Application Solution


Then, SocietyOne debuted a solution that simplifies the loan application process:

“SocietyOne is launching a smartphone loan application channel solution that simplifies the process of applying for a loan and minimizes manual data entry requirements by leveraging the customer’s third party data. ClearMatch’s credit decision engine is being enhanced to cater for new metrics and behavioral attributes of consumers in the loan provisioning and pricing process.”

Product Launch: August 2012
HQ: Sydney, Australia
Founded: May 2011
Metrics: SocietyOne has paid up capital of $6.3M and 15 employees. For its initial market deployment in Australia, over $100,000 in loans is being submitted to the platform on a daily basis and matching investor underwriting funds are being registered on it.
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week
Introducing Matt Symons (CEO & Co-Founder) and Greg Symons (COO & Co-Founder)