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FinDEVr Live: BehavioSec’s SDKs Extend User-friendly Security

BehavioSec_homepage_Sep2015 | @BehavioSec

BehavioSecBehavioSec transforms behavior into a transparent additional layer of security by monitoring the way users interact with their devices in real time. BehavioSec’s technology recognizes if a conflicting user is operating a device by monitoring the environment, rhythms, and interaction patterns that are unique to each user. The solution is designed to enhance security without affecting the user experience. It is currently deployed at more than 20 retail banks protecting 11-plus million users and 500-plus million transactions per year.

Behavioral biometrics as a service
BehavioSec has extended the proven and tested technology from BehavioSec’s large banking installation of behavioral biometrics that work as an additional layer of security, and implemented it as a transaction-based service in the cloud. This gives any organization—suffering from fraudsters compromising the integrity of companies and individuals—an opportunity for better control over who is accessing their services.

Key takeaways:

  • How BehavioSec uses behavior as an additional layer of user-friendly security
  • How BehavioSec’s technology and SDK’s are easily deployed on demand
  • How to minimize fraud without adding any end-user friction


Ingo Deutschmann, VP Engineering

Olov Renberg, COO